Jehdi Aizon
Hi. I like to create, sing, & laugh :-)

Finding and editing style

Live Server

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT +P or CMND + SHIFT +P to open control terminal
  2. Type “install ”and click on Package Control: Install Package
  3. Then type “Browser sync” and select Browser Sync
  4. Wait for it to install and on the navbar there should…
  1. Hit CMD+SHIFT+P (Mac) or CTLR+SHIFT+P (Windows).
  2. Search for “Package Control: Install Package” and hit ENTER.
  3. Hit CMD+SHIFT+P (Mac) or CTLR+SHIFT+P (Windows) again.
  4. Search for “Emmet” and select the first result.
This window will pop up, search for Package Control: Install Package

Hey there, feller!

So… What is this?

Jehdi Aizon

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